A custom rockwork indoor waterfall.
Richmond: Another view of the indoor waterfall as it is being filled with water.
Custom Wind Cellar created using artificial rockwork.
British Properties, West Vancouver: private wine cellar that appears to be right out of medieval France. The wine cellar is located just off a large wine tasting room with comfortable seating and traditional European decor.
Custom Wine Cellar integrating wrought iron and rockwork.
British Properties, West Vancouver: Wrought iron was integrated with the rockwork for old world charm. The wine cellar is humidity and temperature controlled and is about 12 x 8 x 7 feet.
Richmond: An indoor waterfall welcomes you at the entrance to this Richmond home.

Create a unique indoor atmosphere in your home with Peter's custom rockwork features that really enhance your living space. Everything from hidden rockwork wine cellars and wine tasting rooms, to rockwork indoor garden beds, pillars, rock wall features, fish ponds and waterscapes that bring the best of the outdoors right into your home.

If you have an idea, or just a space in your home that could use some uplifting, let us know and we'll create something unbelievable and unique, just for you.