pond and stream rockwork.
The Botanical Gardens, Sunshine Coast: The photo on left shows the completion of the pond and stream rockwork; the photo on the right reveals the pond after we landscaped. This structure includes two waterfalls at different levels in a circular stream.
pondscape using natural rock
Celtic Drive, Vancouver: A natural pondscape overlooking the Fraser River. This is first pond that Peter has built using a natural rock. All the boulders and rock were pulled out of the actual site, during the property’s building excavation. The pond can be considered a natural extension of the Fraser river delta…
pond with waterfall overtop of riverbed rocks
Celtic Drive, Vancouver: A close up of natural grasses and planting in the pond’s outer garden.
Celtic Drive, Vancouver: Natural waterfall overtop of riverbed rocks… This property is not treed and is faces south so it gets a tremendous amount of sunlight, and breeze, so there is a lot of wonderful reflection of natural light off the pond and soft bristling from the pond garden natural grasses in the light river winds all day. It’s very soothing, much a like a Zen garden.
Celtic Drive, Vancouver: Peter created the pond beds so that some of the grasses grow from the below the water and appear to be floating on the water’s surface. The pond is not heated; there are some fish species living in the pond, which is UV treated to stop any algae from forming.
Celtic Drive, Vancouver: A shot of the rockwork ‘footbridge’ across the natural river rock pond.
South Surrey Heights: This custom koi pond has a waterfall that actually falls down one full floor into the basement of the house, where we created a pond inside the home as well. Often we do the planting as well as the rockwork.
South Surrey Heights: No need to worry about keeping the pond clean; we use a filter and a UV light to kill the algae. A pond this size pond requires two pumps: one for the waterfall and one for water recirculation.
Scott Road, Surrey: This 8 x 8 fish pond has a stream that runs through the property and a small foot bridge. It features underwater planters laid under the edges so the plants float along the edge of the pond, giving it a very natural look.
Port Coquitlam: Art Knapps is a fan of Peter’s work! This large pond was developed for aesthetic enjoyment for customers at Art Knapps’ large PoCo nursery. It includes a fish pond, two waterfalls and lots of greenery. This photo was taken is just as the rockwork was being completed.

There's nothing more soothing than the sound of a light breeze running through grasses, and the gurgles of calmly flowing waters over smooth stones... there's nothing more inviting than a pond...

Is there anyone who isn't drawn to a pond? They naturally engage us to look upon them... to look within... they invite and inspire as they seem to reach out and touch all our senses...