hot tub with climbing wall and rope
Peter's hot tub with climbing wall and rope.
completed Killer Whale pool at the Vancouver Aquarium
The completed Killer Whale pool at the Vancouver Aquarium.
carving a Brain Coral
Peter carving a Brain Coral for the Tropical Fish Exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium.
spraying a special concrete mixture during the construction of the Killer Whale pool
Peter spraying a special concrete mixture during the construction of the Killer Whale pool.
Beluga Whale Pool on the cover of the National Geographic magazine
The Beluga Whale Pool appeared on the cover of the National Geographic magazine.
Hot Tubs in fashion shoot
One of Peter's Hot Tubs being used in a high profile fashion shoot.
lap pool featuring a waterscape waterfall feature
This lap pool, the centerpiece of a Great Estate, features a waterscape waterfall feature designed and built by Peter.
CFOX Kids Park in Vancouver's Stanley Park
Peter manning the water gun at the CFOX Kids Park in Vancouver's Stanley Park.
the Pacific Inn Resort Hotel
The Pacific Inn Resort Hotel.
themed display of West Coast aboriginal culture
Public space at the Vancouver International Airport.
rock wall project in China
Rock wall project in China.
helicopter and helipad at construction site on island
Conducting a site inspection.
side by side photos of two sizes of concrete totem poles
Concrete totems for landscaping.
outboard motors in various stages of repair
Rebuilt outboard motors.
monitor lizard basking in a sun beam
One of Peter's more exotic pets.

Son of an architect father, Peter has been sculpting artificial rock for nearly 30 years. He gained an early appreciation of aesthetics and the dynamics of form at an early age, and began working at the craft of artificial rock sculpting in his late teens, while concurrently embarking on diving and undersea explorations along the West Coast and throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Peter's career began as a one of a group of artists hired to sculpt the Vancouver Aquarium's first major theme exhibit, the Amazon Gallery. Peter's talents were soon recognized and he was retained by the Vancouver Aquarium to head the design and construction of the rockwork surrounding the Killer Whale Habitat. A major undertaking, the pool was one of the first in the world to reflect an actual natural habitat, as Peter’s design called for a backdrop of rockwork based on Gulf Island sandstone formations.

Once traveling as far north as Arctic Bay, Baffin Island for the design and creation of his Beluga Whale Pool at Vancouver Aquarium, Peter continues to regularly explore the West Coast and other locations to take molds of rock formations for his work.

Peter has designed and built outdoor rockwork pools, hot tubs, and water features for dozens of homeowners, and also for high profile resorts including Kingfisher Lodge, The Pacific Inn and Pacific Shores more...

Peter is also well renowned for his commercial and public spaces work with The Vancouver International Airport, Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, CFOX Kids Park, and many other public and commercial projects. Peter has also led projects for clients in China, the Caribbean, and across Canada.

In addition to all his own projects, Peter has been contracted extensively over the past twenty years as the lead designer and builder for other rockwork firms such as Arcon Rock and Waterscapes and Raincity Rock and Waterscapes.

A graduate of The Emily Carr School of Art, Peter is an accomplished painter as well as a sculptor, with a strong affinity for realism and a love of natural subjects. His work is marked by a personal commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail.

In his spare time, Peter carves Totems, re-builds outboard motors, casts jewelry, and cares for his own aquarium of exotic animals. To relax, Peter spends time in his two-storey 8-seater hot tub, complete with rock climbs, waterfalls, grottos, warm shallows and a bird’s nest lookout. back