Artificial rock patio on top of the natural rock cliff.
Lower Caulfield, West Vancouver: Ocean view from the house of new patio and floating dock. A set of rockwork stairs lead down to the dock.
Artifical rockwork retaining wall.
North Vancouver: A retaining wall was required for a steep driveway; previously there was just a regular retaining wall, but the clients wanted a more aesthetic solution. Peter designed and built a rockwork wall that runs 7’ high and is approximately 100’ long.
Artifical rockwork used to good effect as a retaining wall on a steep driveway.
North Vancouver: This photo reveals the steep grade of driveway, and shows how the rockwork fits in with the landscaping and the surrounding forest. Many North Shore houses have concrete or brick retaining walls to keep drives and properties in place; rockwork is a much more pleasing solution. This project took 5 weeks with a support team of 4 contractors.
North Vancouver: A close up of the impressive rockwork retaining wall at the switchback.
Whistler Cay: A combination retaining wall and rockwork water feature. The retaining wall runs approximately 60’ up the driveway, where it finishes in a waterfall feature near the front entrance. The waterfall is heated and insulated so that the water and stream can run all year round. Both the water feature and the retaining wall are lit for a spectacular night-time effect.
Whistler Cay: A Salmon Stream right at the front door! The water feature includes a number of bronze salmon ‘swimming upstream’. A bronze bear statue stands atop the waterfall, completing the scene.
Whistler Cay: Close up of the bronze salmon in the waterfall
Whistler Cay: In this view from a nearby cliff, you are able to see both the retaining wall to the left of the driveway, and the even larger rock retaining cliff feature that separates the client’s property from the property next door. The fir trees were planted afterwards to complete the landscaping.
Snow Valley, Whistler: This is a rockwork project that began over a decade ago with this log and artifical rock entrance way. The clients were so pleased, they’ve asked Peter to come back and build three levels of retaining walls along the driveway, two patios, a highly customized hot tub and waterfalls - project start date: Spring 2013.
Snow Valley, Whistler: Stairs leading to front entrance and rockwork encased garage, known as the ‘batcave’.
Snow Valley, Whistler: The integration of free-form wrought iron railings compliments these impressive rockwork stairs. Heat tracing is placed underneath the rockwork so ice can not form.
Snow Valley, Whistler: Close up photographs of the integration of wood, free form wrought iron and artificial rock.
Lower Caulfield, West Vancouver: Blending natural and artificial rock to create a 20 x 35 waterfront patio where previously there was only an unusable cliff and unstable terrain.
Lower Caulfield, West Vancouver: An icebox and sink with drain integrated into the cliff face.
Lower Caulfield, West Vancouver: The project included better access to a floating ramp and a raised patio overlooking Burrard Inlet.

Rockwork integrates into a natural environment or landscape a lot more seamlessly and beautifully than most other options. Rather than a brick or plain concrete retaining wall, why not opt for a beautiful rockwork custom designed rockwork feature for your property? One that’s inspired by the Sea to Sky corridor's majestic rock faces, or reflective of the Gulf Islands' sandstone or oceanfront cliffs.

Peter's rockwork fits in with every West Coast naturescape, and looks like it has been there for hundreds of thousands of years; and will pretty much last as long!