Carving custom rockwork for a swimming pool.
Carving custom rockwork for a swimming pool.


At Art of Rock Work, our business model is to pull together ‘teams of excellence’ rather than keeping a hired staff. Accordingly, we have a network of longstanding contractors that we draw from for each project, based on each project’s specific design and build requirements. Our web of experienced, well-trained, well-vetted contractors are critical in allowing Art of Rock Work to produce such quality designs and creations. Each contractor brings his or her own skill set to the Art of Rock Work team; And Peter is on site, leading every phase of each project.

We find that by pulling together the most appropriate team for each project, that we achieve only the best results for our clients. We ensure that our contractors are fully insured, and that all our job sites are WCB cleared.

We also work regularly with some well renowned General Contracting companies, including Coastline, and Peak Ventures, among others.

It's your dream backyard. Why not let Peter Heiss' Art of Rockwork make your vision a reality?