Peter manning the water cannon at the CFOX Kids Park.
CFOX Kids Park, Vancouver: The highly popular radio station organized the charitable project that funded the creation of this children’s waterpark , located in Stanley Park.
The Introduction to the West Coast exhibit at Vancouver International Airport (YVR).
Vancouver International Airport (YVR): The Introduction to the West Coast exhibit, in the International Arrivals walkway, which ‘greets’ every international traveller who arrives at YVR in Vancouver.
Award winning International Arrivals exhibit at Vancouver International Airport.
Vancouver International Airport (YVR): A view of the exhibit from a different angle. This installation made international headlines when it was unveiled as part of the YVR’s massive renovation project. YVR won numerous awards for the International Arrivals area renovation.
Vancouver International Airport (YVR): A close up of Peter’s delicate painting work. Peter uses no less than five different paint colours, and at least 10 layers, to create this natural look.
Vancouver International Airport (YVR): Another photograph from a different area of the West Coast exhibit. Here you see some of the pebbles and beautifully weathered beach wood that was brought in from the west coast of Vancouver Island to complement Peter’s rockwork.
Vancouver International Airport (YVR): Peter’s beautifully carved sandstone beneath the forest floor has you feel as if you are walking right along the West Coast trail on Vancouver Island.
Vancouver International Airport (YVR): Here we see the re-creation of a Gulf Island ocean front cliff… a view many travelers will enjoy while looking out from BC Ferries Gulf Islands Ferry deck
Vancouver International Airport (YVR): Vancouver Island First Nations’ carvings of the rainforest animals found the natural West Coast habitat.
Vancouver International Airport (YVR): This exhibit really captures how all the earth’s elements have come together to create such amazing natural beauty that is the West Coast.
Vancouver International Airport (YVR): Peter’s rockwork extends upwards three stories.
Vancouver International Airport (YVR): Natural crevices were built right into the rockwork in order for indigenous ferns and moss species to grow and thrive, just as it does on Vancouver Island’s rock outcrops.
World Cup Plaza, Whistler: Peter was asked to create awe inspiring rockwork features that reflected the natural landscapes that surround Whistler, for the grand entry area to Whistler’s highly anticipated World Cup.
World Cup Plaza, Whistler: The rockwork and stonework were key features that were designed as natural signifiers of the bridging together of the Upper and Lower villages.
World Cup Plaza, Whistler: This new area, called the Upper Village, became Whistler’s focal point because events could now be hosted at the foot of the mountain, readily accessible to spectators.
World Cup Plaza, Whistler: The storage sheds in the far back right of the photo gives you an idea of the scale of this rockwork cliff!
Whistler: The Resort Municipality of Whistler asked Peter to do something creative to hide a transformer… You would never know what’s hidden under this rock outcrop waterfall… but there’s a lot of power beneath it…
Whistler: No, it’s not the Pied Piper’s home, it’s a door to a transformer, masterfully disguised by beautiful rockwork and a vibrant waterfall
Whistler: : The view from atop "Transformer Falls". The water is re-circulated using a pump and filter system.
Whistler: This rock and waterfalls feature is approximately 12 x 12 x 12 feet. With a transformer inside, it really does exemplify functional art at its very best.
Salmon Stream, Stanley Park, Vancouver: Peter has integrated fallen trees and natural rocks from Stanley Park into his rockwork design and landscaping. This project was done in conjunction with a very large park rehabilitation project in Stanley Park. By bringing back natural habitats, birds, fish and other species could be re-introduced.
Salmon Stream, Stanley Park, Vancouver: Close up of Salmon Stream showing the use of local materials collected from Stanley Park.
Salmon Stream, Stanley Park, Vancouver: Looking south over the ‘watershed’ area with Coal Harbour in the background.
Port Coquitlam: Art Knapps is a fan of Peter’s work! This large pond was developed for aesthetic enjoyment for customers at Art Knapps’ large PoCo nursery. It includes a fish pond, two waterfalls and lots of greenery. This photo was taken is just as the rockwork was being completed.

By integrating custom rockwork and waterscape features into a public space, Peter engenders an inviting focal point and welcoming gathering spot into an existing public area. It's in our human nature to be drawn to the strength of rockwork and its simple beauty, and to be energized by the subtle sounds and movement of waterfalls and streams.

Peter has designed and created custom public rockwork and waterscapes exhibits and public park features in locations including but not limited to Blue Mountain, Stanley Park, Vancouver International Airport, Whistler Resort Municipality and Whistler/Blackcomb.