April 1992 Nation Geographic Cover
Vancouver Aquarium: The entire world has had a look at the Beluga Pool that Peter built.
Vancouver Aquarium Orca Habitat
Vancouver Aquarium: The Aquarium's flagship pool; the Orca Pool, also one of Peter's first commercial projects. This large habitat pool really put The Vancouver Aquarium on the map, drawing hundreds of thousands of spectators to the Orca show and garnering international press. Later, the pool was transitioned into today's highly popular Beluga Whale Pool.
Vancouver Aquarium Orca Habitat
Vancouver Aquarium: This project was one of Peter's first projects at the Vancouver Aquarium. Peter has done dozens of projects at the Vancouver Aquarium over more than 25 years.
Vancouver Aquarium: This Orca lives as close to his natural environment as humanly possible. Peter's natural rockwork was a new approach to replicating the natural habitat of whales. Previously, most aquariums had very unnatural tanks for rescued whales brought into captivity.
Vancouver Aquarium: Close up of sandstone rock formations inspired by Gulf Island cliffs and Peter's underwater dives.
Vancouver Aquarium: An Orca checking out Peter's fabulous rockwork.
Vancouver Aquarium: Close up of Peter's model at bottom, and actual rockwork after Peter's completion, above. Peter begins every project by creating a model, and follows the model when working on site. Peter feels that drawings are not a great way to represent rockwork, and prefers carving a model before starting the real thing.
Sydney Marine Centre, Vancouver Island: Visitors enjoy a coral reef tank custom developed for this aquarium's cornerstone presentation area. The Sydney Marine Centre is a popular public aquarium on Vancouver Island, boasting some very rare specialty tanks, including this one created for the coral reef section.
Sydney Marine Centre, Vancouver Island: Close up of Peter's delicately carved ‘coral reef'.
Sydney Marine Centre, Vancouver Island: Quite amazing when you consider this is an artificial reef, crafted by hand.
Sydney Marine Centre, Vancouver Island: Dozens of species of fish, as well as plants and algae, cohabit this display.
Vancouver Aquarium: The Pacific Pool: This groundbreaking project is a massive addition to the Vancouver Aquarium; it is completely indoors, but is modeled after an outdoor presentation tank and features three stories of rockwork.
Vancouver Aquarium: The Pacific Pool Shot from the stairwell showing spectators as they watch over two dozens species of West Coast fish and numerous plants. This underwater glass theatre is large enough to host an underwater show in which VanAqua specialists scuba dive in the tank to work with the fish one on one.
Vancouver Aquarium: Belugas enjoying their Art of Rockwork playground, with lots of friends cheering them on.

Peter's career really took off over 30 ago, when he was contracted as one of the lead designers and builders for the highly popular interactive Tropical Zone exhibit at The Vancouver Aquarium. The Aquarium was so pleased with his work, they invited him back to lead the Orca pool project, and projects there have continued on ever since, with Peter creating one great exhibit after another for the millions of visitors to Aquarium to enjoy.

Other aquariums that feature Peter's work include Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre and Vancouver Island University Deep Bay Research Centre.